Automotive Diesel

Kinitron Diesel Plus ensures:
  • Cleaner injectors and engine
  • Less pollutant emissions
  • Gradual improvement efficiency, giving a sensation of “new”
  • Fuel economy
  • Protection of the diesel circle (pump, injectors etc) from CORROSION / MAINTENANCE COST REDUCTION
  • A faster, fuller and cleaner filling
  • A satisfactory separation of water at the bottom of the tank
  • Lower freezing temperature

Heating Diesel

When it is cold outside, your home is warm because you use EKO -the heating diesel that conforms to all quality specifications and raises the temperature at your house in the best and quicker way.

Because at EKO we make sure that service is always provided promptly and the delivery of fuel is always made at the time you want. So, in the cold winter days, EKO is always on your side to give you warmth, combining in a unique way quality and economy.


Here your can read the Technical Bulletin Specifications for Automotive Diesel And Heating Diesel.