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EKO currently meets the need of Diesel consumers for a fuel that gives maximum performance and absolute purity, by creating DIESEL Avio Double Filtered!

In collaboration with one of the largest chemical companies in the world, EKO, in the new DIESEL Avio Double Filtered, not only incorporates the latest technology additives for maximum performance, but creates a new fuel which implements the aircraft fuel filter technology to your car’s Diesel, so that its engine takes off!

The new DIESEL Avio ensures:

  • Substantial increase of the cetane number - up to 3 units
  • Exceptional engine cleaning results, holding spray nozzle and engine clean
  • Improved engine performance, smoother operation, greater acceleration and increased power, thanks to increased cetane number and cleaning results
  • Fuel consumption economy up to 4% from the very first fill ups
  • Effective corrosion protection of engine and fuel network
  • Lower pollutant emissions and car smoke
  • Engine noise reduction (up to 20%)

With the new DIESEL Avio, for the first time in Cyprus, EKO implements the aircraft fuel filter technology to your car’s Diesel!

The Avio Filter, which is installed immediately before the fuel pumps, is a technologically advanced filter, which ensures the purity of your fuel at the purity level of aircraft fuel.

The Avio Filter achieves:

  • Removal of particles
  • Removal of rust and water
  • Fuel filter performance of 98%

Only at selected EKO stations (See the list of selected EKO stations here)