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New ΕΚΟ Smile App Competition!

EKO Cyprus will give away Four A-Class Mercedes – Benz through
the ΕΚΟ Smile App!

EKO Cyprus continues to pioneer, confirming the strong relationship of trust that the brand has developed with its customers! As EKO Cyprus continues to give customers Smiles through the award-winning EKO Smile App, the brand is now giving EKO Smile App users the chance to feel even more lucky and privileged! 

EKO Cyprus announced the launch of yet another big competition through the smart and functional EKO Smile App at a delightful early evening cocktail event at ‘Garden Day & Night’ in Nicosia on Tuesday, 2nd May 2023, where representatives of the press, stakeholders and partners were all present. 

Specifically, four lucky winners will claim a Mercedes A-Class 180 Hatchback, Advanced Package Mercedes-Benz, worth €42,550 each. 

Mr George Gregoras, CEO EKO Cyprus, mentioned in his statement, “We’re continuing to implement activations that focus on giving back to people, being innovative and rewarding as well as being advanced in technology, we – as EKO Cyprus – are launching a big competition through our awards-winning EKO Smile App. This is a rewarding initiative, a sign of giving back to our customers, who, for the last three years, have made this smart application a part of their daily routine. Four winners will win an A-Class Mercedes, a luxury vehicle, or if you would prefer, the perfect companion to every road trip”.

For further information regarding the terms and conditions of the competition, you can visit EKO Cyprus’ website page www.eko.com.cy and their social media pages (Facebook: EKO Cyprus & Instagram: @EKO.Cyprus).

Click here to download the EKO Smile App: https://l.ead.me/bd2X92?fbclid

A few words about the EKO Smile App
The EKO Smile App was introduced to the Cypriot market in 2020. It is a smart and complete digital solution for mobile phones! It is a fully-functional and popular app that is available to download on
Google Play, App Store and Αpp Gallery. In the last three years, the app has continuously been upgraded to improve the purchasing experience of the users, making every purchase even easier than before.

Amongst other things, the EKO Smile App gives the user the power to release the pump at the service station and pay for fuel and other products and services from a distance. The app also collects for its users Smiles, earned with every purchase of any product or service at all EKO service stations. Smiles can then be redeemed to purchase various products at reduced and attractive prices.