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Our story

(“the company”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of the Hellenic Petroleum Group, which is the largest commercial and industrial group in Greece. It was established in December 2002 following the acquisition of BP Cyprus LTD. 
The company is active in the supply, transportation and marketing of liquid fuels, lubricants and liquefied petroleum (LPG) to commercial and industrial customers. At the same time it distributes its products to the public at large, through a network of 96 service stations, using the EKO trade mark.  

The Management of the company, decides on, provides and maintains the necessary infrastructure for the provision of services and products and makes sure that they meet the demands of our clients. The infrastructure of the company consists of: 

  • 96 Service Stations
  • Offices in Larnaca
  • Offices in Nicosia
  • Fuel storage facility in Larnaca
  • Station loading tankers
  • A bottling factory for the filling of cylinders with LPG and the loading of tank-trucks with LPG in bulk. 
  • 5 tank-trucks capable of transporting 80.000 liters of LPG.
  • Warehousse for storage and lubricants.
Our Philosophy

The philosophy on which the successful course of our company was built is the following:
  • To supply the market with liquid fuels, LPG and high-quality lubricants in conditions of safety.
  • To show consistency and reliability and to provide prompt service to customers. 
  • To apply modern methods and use suitable machinery and equipment for the proper carrying out of its operations in conditions of safety. 
  • To provide continuous training to cadres and all the employees of the company in general. 
  • To ensure conditions of hygiene and safety, protecting the staff and all interested parties. 
  • To respect and protect the natural environment. 
  • The management and reward of the company’s personnel have been designed in such a way as to achieve full utilization of time and capabilities of the staff and to continuously increase the productivity and efficiency of the company.