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ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets in collaboration with EKO launch a new Mobile App for the new Continuity customer reward scheme

Innovation and quality are two concepts closely linked to the philosophy of both the ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets and the Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus; a fact that led to their collaboration. This collaboration between the two companies was announced at a press conference (on 19/11/2018) and relates to a joint customer reward scheme offering free products through a cutting-edge mobile app.

As role model companies in their field, they continuously upgrade their services and offer direct and quality customer service. Keeping pace with the rapidly evolving technological trends and with the subsequent changes to market needs, they seek to benefit from all available modern means.

The new customer reward scheme offering free products, launched by ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets and EKO, gives the possibility for consumers to get these products through the “Stick & Win” integrated application.

With reference to the application, the Director and Marketing Manager of ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets, George Theodotou, mentioned that “with this novel tool created in collaboration with EKO, we aim to render technology an ally of the consumer. Our objective is to offer a fast, easy and pleasant service experience both at our Supermarkets and at the EKO Service Stations.

Users of the new smart “Stick & Win” mobile app can with one simple click get for free the porcelain plates of the internationally recognized German House KAHLA.

“In the framework of realizing the Company’s vision to remain at the leading edge of the Cyprus market and to be recognized as a pioneer and a leader in terms of technology, EKO has created in collaboration with ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets a smart application intended to offer a more direct, faster and pleasant customer reward scheme” mentioned Mr Gregoras, CEO of Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus. “Through this collaboration, we aim to participate actively in the digital transformation that returns value to the customer and to the society”, he added.

The KAHLA Company manufactures high quality products made of white porcelain, which are microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. It has received more than 90 design and innovation awards and it is present in more than 60 countries.

By downloading the application and scanning the QR Code, consumers receive 5 digital coupons for free. One digital coupon is earned for every €10 in one single receipt of the ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets or the EKO Service Stations. In addition, coupons are transferable to third persons, simply by entering the third person’s mobile number and the number of coupons the consumer wishes to offer.

Digital coupons will be available from 19/11/2018 until 07/04/2019 and can be redeemed until 14/04/2019 or while stocks last.