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Pyrex Prep & Bake Promo

Customer reward program with FREE products, in cooperation with ALPHAEGA supermarket chain.

EKO and ALPHAMEGA Supermarkets give the opportunity to the consumers to get Pyrex Prep & Bake products completely free of charge through the application "Stick & Win".

With every € 10 in a receipt from EKO petrol stations or ALPHAMEGA supermarkets, they get 1 digital coupon.
In addition, they can transfer coupons to another person by simply typing their phone number and the number of coupons they want to transfer.

Downloading the application and scanning the QR Code, and get 5 free digital coupons.

In addition, EKO gives the opportunity to the customers to choose the traditional way of collecting coupons through the leaflet. Through the traditional way of collecting coupons the products are available for purchase at the special discounted price.


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