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Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

The main focus of ΕΚΟ Cyprus development policy, corporate governance and social responsibility is its commitment to provide quality products and services, the reduction of work risks, the prevention of accidents, the protection of its staff’s health, safe work environment and environmental protection. 

EKO Guarantee Program
At EKO we have created the first comprehensive fuel quality and the quantity control program, so that you can ... Be sure about every liter!

Controls at the 

  • Continuous fuel quality analyses at the refinery and at the storage facilities
  • Tracking of fuel tanker routes using GPS systems
  • Sealing of fuel tankers

Controls at the 

  • Petrol pumps are checked and sealed with quality assurance tape
  • Consumer quality control is possible
  • Control program in cooperation with the NTUA fuel technology laboratory
  • Performance of unannounced quantity controls by compatible vehicles