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LPG is an ideal solution for plants that require high thermal capacity, stable performance and low cost during the production stage. Typical industries are:
  • Metallurgy
  • Paper making
  • Packaging
  • Paints
  • Food Production,
  • Production and processing of plastics 
  • Cooling applications etc.


  • Hotels, restaurants, commercial areas etc. (For cooling, heating, hot water, catering)
  • Sports sites (cooling, heating, hot water, operation of swimming pools, etc.)
  • Agricultural (cooling, heating, drying, burning, greenhouse crops, etc.)
  • Livestock (cooling, heating, burning, farming etc.)

LPG ideally & economically covers all the daily needs of a household (cooling, heating, cooking, hot water etc.). 
Also, apart from ecological (compared to Diesel) the maintenance of the facility is much more economical. 

Autogas is the ideal alternative solution to petrol and diesel, combining ecological and economic advantages. It does not contain (mostly) Benzene, Polymeric Aromatic Hydrocarbons and has minimal Sulfur.
It better protects the vehicle’s motor, mainly due to the absence of Methanol and Ethanol.
It is more cost efficient, requiring much less financial outlay per fill up for the same mileage.

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