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EKO Easy Fuel / Fleet Fuel Control (FFC)

EKO Easy Fuel / Fleet Fuel Control is an innovating electronic system offered to commercial customers through the stations of EKO. It offers a complete and efficient control over the refueling of your vehicles through an online application.

Description of Fleet Fuel Control:

The basic element of the FFC System is the electronic ring (FuelOpass) which is installed on the neck of the fuel tank of each vehicle. This element is unique for each vehicle and it communicates with the nozzle reader. The refueling starts only if the nozzle is in position (into the fuel tank of the car) and it is interrupted if it is removed. With this way it is ensured that the refueling is done at the correct vehicle and the relevant details (date, time, quantity etc) are recorded electronically and sent to our main server (POS/FCC) without any human intervention.

Benefits with Fleet Fuel Control:

1. Automatic recognition of the car from the nozzle reader.
2. Automatic authorization for the refueling process.
3. 100% guarantee that the fuel is delivered to a vehicle of your fleet

Online Control with Fleet Fuel Control:
1. The fleet manager can set the following rules:
i. Restriction in volume or money – per Day/Week/Month
ii. Restriction of the number of refueling – per Day/Week/Month
iii. Restriction of refueling the car in preset days and/or time of the day.
iv. Restriction of refueling in specific stations only
v. Restriction of the type of fuel that each car is using
vi. Set the refueling time – 24hours / during working hours only
vii. Electronically record of the odometer at every refueling (as provided)

2. The fleet manager can have the following controls:
i. Consumption per vehicle
ii. Set up more than one fleet groups e.g. per company section.

1. Detailed reports per car (liters, money, date, time, station etc)
2. Send by EKO of electronic documents by email
3. Send by EKO statement in excel format
4. Possibility of cancelation online.