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Gas bottles

Gas bottles are a very safe way to use liquid gas. Due to the flexibility in their transport and storage, bottled LPG is available literally everywhere.

All EKO gas bottles are checked thoroughly before being refilled with liquid gas and regular maintenance is conducted.

EKO gas bottles have the obligatory cap and distinctive EKO shrink wrap so that you can be certain that the product is genuine and has been bottled at official EKO Hellenic Fuels & Lubricants bottling facilities.

Furthermore, every gas bottle has a round card placed around the delivery valve, providing all necessary information regarding the checks performed on that bottle.

The contents of the gas bottles are a mixture (indicative ratio of 70% butane to 30% propane)

  • 3kg bottle mixture (for domestic use and flexible use on boats, at holiday homes, for recreational activities, etc) – not yet available
  • 10kg bottle mixture (mainly for domestic use, such as cooking, heating, professional uses, etc)
  • 15kg bottle mixture (for professional and industrial use, such as forklifts, café heaters, small barbecues at rotisseries, etc)
  • 35kg bottle mixture (for professional and industrial use, such as dairies, cafés, small restaurants, etc)
  • 50kg bottle mixture (for professional and industrial use, such as large barbecues at rotisseries, restaurants, metal-cutting industries, etc)

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