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ΕΚΟ Card

EKO Card is issued from EKO for fleet owners. EKO Card provides practical and innovative solutions for the management of corporate fleets. This card offers the ability to refuel your vehicles without the use of cash. All purchases are invoiced at the end of the current month. EKO Card is accepted in all of our stations all over Cyprus.

Fleet Control with EKO Card:

EKO Card provides the ability to set restrictions on the use of each card:
Maximum transaction in Euro: per Day / Month
Maximum transaction in Liter: per Day / Month
In hours: 24hours / Working Hours

Management of Reports:
• Detailed reports per vehicle (litres, quantities and VAT)
• Emailing all documents
• Emailing invoices in CSV/spreadsheet format


In case of loss of a card, the card will be de-activated as soon as the loss is reported to EKO emergency line at 80001100.