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What is LPG

Liquid gas, also referred to internationally as LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas), is a hydrocarbon mixture primarily comprised of propane and butane. It is produced during natural gas and petrol extraction, during both the mining and oil refinement processes. In its natural state, liquid gas is in gaseous form and is artificially liquified by pressurising it in order to facilitate its handling and transport.

In its natural state, liquid gas is odourless and its distinctive odour is created artificially using special substances (mercaptans) in order to make its presence immediately identifiable in instances of leaks.

As it is heavier than ambient air, when it is released into the environment, it ‘sinks’ to the lowest part of that space.

In its liquified and pressurised state, liquid gas can be easily transported and safely stored in reservoirs and gas bottles of various sizes for industrial, commercial and household use.

It is also used as an automotive transport fuel (autogas) and presents an excellent and cost-effective alternative solution to automotive petrol and diesel.

The primary areas of LPG use are:

  • Industrial use
  • Commercial use
  • Household use
  • Autogas

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