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EKO, with the interests of Cypriot consumers at heart, introduced yet another innovation with the new generation of EKO DIESEL ΕΚΟΝΟΜΥ, designed to offer More kilometres with Less fuel.


• Saves up to 4% in fuel, which sums up to 2 litres per fill-up*
• Keeps the injection system and valves clean (keep clean)
• Removes any existing residue (clean up)
• Greatly reduces friction
• Prevents the accumulation and formation of residue in the inlet manifold
• Reduces fuel emissions (CO, HC)
• Protects the engine’s entire fuel system from corrosion
• Reduces maintenance costs and extends the engine’s life

*Based on the lowest fuel tank capacity and a fill-up of 50 litres. The comparison is made between the performance of regular fuel and the performance of that same regular fuel with the introduction of the special additives found in 95EKONOMY Unleaded and DIESEL EKONOMY. The exact savings may vary depending on the type of vehicle, the road conditions and the driving style. Fuel savings of 4% according to laboratory tests performed by TOTAL ACS France.