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EKO Cyprus: Preventative and protective measures against the Coronavirus

In full respect of the protection of its workers and customers’ health, EKO Cyprus is adhering faithfully to the Ministry of Health’s instructions and has simultaneously activated an action plan which includes:

  • Placement of antiseptic hand gel at all cash registers and toilets, as well as other areas within petrol stations’ shops.
  • Regular and thorough cleaning throughout the day of pump handles and other areas of the station (shop, seats and toilets), using disinfectants sent to all stations by the company.
  • Informing and application of strict hygiene rules by station staff.
  • Delivery of quantities of single-use gloves to all station staff, with instructions that these are changed regularly and combined with the use of appropriate hand sanitiser.
  • Recommendation that carwashes are closed.
  • Delivery of quantities of protective masks.
  • Placement of protective transparent Plexiglas on cashier in the stations’ shops.
  • Placement of floor stickers in the stations’ shops for keeping safety distance in queues.

We would also like to inform the public that the new EKO Smile App http://bit.ly/EKO_Smile_App enables consumers to use their phone to activate the fuel pump and pay 24/7. From 6am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday, an EKO employee will refuel their vehicle without them having to exit it, thus making the refuelling process entirely contact-free.