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Fire drill exercise at Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus Installation- Larnaca on 10/22/2015

According to the scenario of the fire drill performed on the 22nd of October at Larnaca installation, in cooperation with the local Fire Brigade, around 09:30 in the morning, a tanker driver while driving within the premises suffered a heart attack causing the tanker to hit the loading rack and as a result a fire broke out.
The Larnaca Installation employees acted swiftly by removing first the driver and later on stopped feeding the refuelling pump which was on fire, by shutting off the power supply according to the Emergency Plan in place. Simultaneously the fire brigade was alerted.

The Fire Brigade responded immediately with three vehicles, and the installation’s cooling system was triggered. Furthermore, the foam spraying system of the loading rack was activated to put out the fire.
The exercise provided an opportunity for the fire department and the installation employees to test the firefighting equipment in hand as well as the procedures on an emergency situation.