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Innovation Award for EKO Cyprus and the EKO Smile App

EKO Cyprus was the recipient of yet another significant distinction as it was awarded the Innovation Award during the 14th annual competition organised by the Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB). The ceremony took place on Wednesday 16th December at the Nicosia Municipal Theatre and EKO Cyprus was honoured to receive the Innovation Award in the Services Sector for the EKO Smile app and specifically the innovative pump release service.

OEB’s Cyprus Innovation Awards reward the best and most innovative ideas implemented and applied by both private and public Cypriot businesses, organisations and services. They are our country’s greatest recognition of the most successful innovations and the competition is supported by the Cypriot Government and the Research and Innovation Foundation (IDEK).

The EKO Smile app’s functionality includes fuel payment and contactless pump release and its design and innovation are groundbreaking for the Cypriot market, given that this service is available in just 10 countries worldwide. The contactless pump release service arrived via the EKO Smile app and changed the traditional fueling method at EKO petrol stations, thus facilitating the consumer’s daily transactions and offering even greater security and comfort in their service.

Through the EKO Smile app, motorists can refuel their vehicles contactlessly at EKO petrol stations by simply choosing a pump number and selecting the ‘Pump Release’ option. An EKO employee then refuels their vehicle – easily, quickly and with the same security as regular transactions. As a matter of fact, payments are done via the EKO Smile app e-wallet which is connected to a credit or debit card entered by the user into the app and the receipt is sent to the consumer’s email in a matter of seconds.

EKO Smile is an ultra modern and innovative mobile application designed and developed by CRM.COM exclusively for EKO in Cyprus. Through the EKO Smile app, EKO provides its customers with a unique fuel and station experience which is at par with the latest technological innovation and best practice around ordering, rewards, and digital payments.

Innovation doesn’t stop there. EKO is continuously updating the EKO Smile app with new services. These include enabling users to complete both remote and contactless onsite payments for products and services at EKO petrol stations, by charging their credit or debit card connected to the app’s EKO Walllet. They are also able to contact an EKO Cyprus representative directly in order to submit their queries and quickly resolve any issues which may arise.

“We are implementing our Strategic Plan with vision and specific activities, enabling the Company to maintain its leading position in the Cypriot market as an ever-innovative and technologically-leading organisation. In this context, the EKO Smile mobile app was created, aiming for users’ more immediate, faster and more pleasant consumer experience at EKO petrol stations”, noted Mr George Gregoras, Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus’s Managing Director. As he emphasised, “EKO aims to continuously innovate and be an active participant in the digital transformation that will make consumers’ lives easier while simultaneously rewarding them”.