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Diesel Avio, is now available at 63 EKO service stations!

Responding to consumers’ need for a Diesel fuel that gives maximum performance and ultimate engine cleanliness, EKO expanded the availability of EKO DIESEL Avio Double Filtered to 21 more service stations.

The Diesel Avio was launched in the Cyprus market on July 6, 2016 and it was initially available in 42 stations. Since early March 2017, EKO has expanded the availability of EKO Diesel Avio in a total of 63 stations, throughout Cyprus.

In collaboration with one of the largest chemical companies in the world, EKO, through the new DIESEL Avio Double Filtered, not only incorporates the latest technology additives for maximum performance, but creates a new fuel which implements the aircraft fuel filter technology to your car’s Diesel thereby taking its engine off!

The Avio Filter, which is installed immediately before the fuel pump, is a technologically advanced filter ensuring the purity of the fuel at a purity level of aircraft fuel.

EKO’s goal is to hold a leading position in the market to the benefit of the consumers, ensuring excellent quality of fuels delivered through its network of service stations. Therefore, in the near future, EKO plans to expand the availability of Diesel Avio in as many service stations as possible, in order to meet the customers’ needs.