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EKO Cyprus delivered the first of the 4 Ford Puma to the big lucky winner of EKO Smile

The first of the 4 Ford Puma cars, with a total value of € 24,500, was given by EKO Cyprus to Mrs Elena Stavrinide, the big winner of the new competition "A Puma lurks at EKO… a Ford Puma". The CEO of EKO Cyprus, Mr. George Grigoras, congratulated the winner and warmly thanked all users of the EKO Smile App who use the application, ranking it among the most popular in Cyprus.

The draw for the super lucky winner took place on 22/12, following the delivery of the vehicle on Wednesday, December 29, 2021 at the EKO gas station on Stavrou Avenue. It is worth noting that during the event all protection measures against COVID-19 were taken. Τhe event was honoured with the presence of the Mayor of Strovolos, Andreas Papacharalambous, who drew the lucky winner. An independent legal advisor from the law firm, Giorgos Giagkou, ensured the transparency in the process.

Competitions such as this one, prove in practice that EKO continues to reward its clients, giving them the opportunity to claim valuable gifts, simply through the award-winning Smile App. At the same time, the numerous users of the EKO Smile App can enjoy daily new services through advanced digital functions, such as the contactless activation of the pump of the EKO gas station from their mobile phone, the search for the nearest gas station, etc., along with special discounts and exclusive prices on branded products of their choice.

EKO welcomes the new year with surprises in the most ideal way, as the big competition "A Puma… a Ford Puma lurks in EKO" continues in 2022. Thus, after the draw of the first Ford Puma, it invites every user of the EKO Smile App to claim a Ford Puma and become one of the next three lucky ones!