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EKO is the proud sponsor of the National Football Teams

The Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus announced, at a press conference held on Tuesday, October 3, at the Conference Centre of the Pancyprian Gymnastic Association Stadium (GSP) the initiation of its cooperation with the Cyprus Football Association, as the Proud Sponsor of the National Football Teams for the next two years.

Through this sponsorship, EKO supports the effort made by the Association, the coaches and the players to raise the level of Cyprus football with achievements and distinctions at international level. To this end, investment in the sections of the teams’ infrastructure is required, as well as hard and methodical work in the “smaller” National Teams with an aim to distinguish those Greek players who will wear the shirt of the Men’s National Team. This effort must be consistent, long and guided by patience on behalf of coaches and factors.

In his speech, Mr Roberto Karahannas, General Manager of Domestic and International Retail of the Group, mentioned “Though, for us, the small ones, our export character will determine our future. Combine the culture of our country with what is beyond its borders to see how powerful this blend is.

Develop the product that is named academies and nurseries based on creativity and upon merit. This is the place where a country’s football resources are produced. It is the place where only those who really deserve it should by playing, in order to allow it to mature; it is a product ready to be exported and developed; because beyond the borders, competition is extremely tough. However, in the times of globalization threats also exist in the interior. When walls fall, they fall from both sides! Count the Cypriot players in the Cypriot football league. Why is it that young Cypriots do not play football here?

So, take a look outside. Reduce distances and enter the new digital era. There you will find a huge market that will self-feed the development of Cyprus football. There you will find that the young people have the right to distinctions and ambitions.”

On behalf of the Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus, the Company’s CEO, Mr Giorgos Grigoras, pointed out the common principles of EKO and CFA and their importance in achieving future successes: “EKO Cyprus believes in the dynamism and the competences of the young people. Every action we take is towards this direction. We believe that the values of National Teams are identical to the corporate values of EKO regarding teamwork, self-confidence, healthy competition and passion to reach the top; passion to represent outstandingly their country, Cyprus.”