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EKO: Sponsor of the Cyprus Karting Championship 2016

EKO this year has chosen to support, among others, the Cyprus Karting Championship 2016, renamed the EKO Cyprus Karting Championship 2016. Karting is considered internationally as the "mother of motor sports", because F1 drivers and other motor sport drivers began their career in karting first. Karting in Cyprus is on an upward curve and is an extremely exciting sport.

EKO's support is offered through the new 98 octane petrol, EKO RACING 98, a fuel that brings out the passion for driving and absolutely fits in with the adrenaline rush of kart racing. As sponsor of the event EKO will support the championship for the entire season.

The new, improved formula of 98 octane petrol, offers up to 4% higher engine performance (*) resulting in up to 4% more power and better acceleration. In this way EKO, which firmly supports many international events taking place in Greece such as the  Acropolis Rally and Patra's international kart race P.I.C.K., extends its support to Cyprus in various motor sport events, starting with the EKO Cyprus Karting Championship 2016.

(*) Compared with normal 95 octane petrol.