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EKO supports children and the Elpida Foundation for fifth-consecutive year

Fill up with fuel… fill up with hope!

On 1st June, International Children’s Day, we are all reminded of the need for constant vigilance and awareness about the rights, safety, protection and well-being of children around the world. For the EKO family, this special day marks the beginning of a special week of contribution, hope and love for children!

Continuing its rich social activity by actively helping those in need, ΕΚΟ will make a difference this year too. For the fifth-consecutive year, in co-operation with its petrol stations, EKO is organising a charitable week in order to support children in need. Consequently, part of the week's proceeds will go to the Elpida Foundation for children with cancer and leukaemia. The charitable week for children will take place from Monday 1st June until Saturday 6th June, with a message of "Let's make love an action!".

For another year, EKO proudly invites us to make love an action!