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Successive awards for EKO Cyprus’s innovative EKO Smile app!

EKO Cyprus was the recipient of a further three (3) awards for its innovative EKO Smile app, this time at this year’s Cyprus Digital Marketing Awards. The awards, back for a second year, identify best practices and showcase the most innovative, creative and effective activities in the Digital Marketing sector which is rapidly expanding in Cyprus.

Specifically, the EKO Smile app received:
  • The Gold Award for best use of technology to benefit customers in the Best in Performance Marketing category, for the pump release and payment via smartphone service.
  • The Silver Award, also in the Best in Performance Marketing category, for Strategic Marketing design.
  • The Bronze Award in the Best in Social Media Marketing category, for the strategy used to promote the app via digital and social media. These are three further distinctions received by EKO Cyprus, positioning EKO Smile as the leading app in the Cypriot market. It was designed to facilitate consumers’ daily lives, offering them greater security and ease of service.

By using the EKO Smile app, drivers can refuel their vehicles contactlessly at EKO petrol stations. They simply have to select the pump number and then tap the ‘Pump Release’ option. An EKO employee will then refuel their car without any interaction between them – simply, quickly and with the same security as in-person transactions! Payment is made instantly via the EKO Smile app’s e-wallet which is connected to the credit or debit card entered by the user in the app, while the receipt is sent to the consumer’s email within seconds.

Relative to the Cypriot market, it is a true innovation as this service is available in just 10 countries worldwide. Through this app, EKO Cyprus offers its customers a unique experience that is in step with the latest technological innovations and best practices in rewards, refuelling, ordering and payments via e-wallet.

The three latest awards received by the EKO Smile app at the Cyprus Digital Marketing Awards 2020, confirm that, via the EKO Smile app, EKO is rapidly making the transition to the digital era, fundamentally changing the traditional servicing of customers and refuelling of their vehicles at EKO petrol stations.

“We warmly thank Boussias Communications and the committee that is made up of leading experts in the digital marketing field. We congratulate all our fellow nominees and remain focused on our vision”, stated Mr George Gregoras, Hellenic Petrolum Cyprus’s Managing Director, noting “As a company, we aim to continuously offer customers new technological innovations and best practices, contributing to their better and safer servicing via EKO petrol stations.”