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A press conference was held at Traffic Department of Police Headquarters on Friday, May 27, 2016 to mark the launch of Safe Rider campaign that is being organised by Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus (EKO) in cooperation with Cyprus Police. Attending the event among others were head of the Traffic Department of Police Headquarters Mr. Yiannakis Charalambous, Police Spokesman Mr. Andreas Angelides and Managing Director of EKO Cyprus Mr George Gregoras. Also present with his bike and in full gear was the star in the TV spot for the Safe Rider campaign, Kallimahos Kallimahou.

As part of its corporate social responsibility policy, Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus (EKO) is backing Cyprus Police in not only jointly promoting the campaign’s message but also to underline the importance of safe driving. EKO is firmly committed to supporting every effort in this direction and stands by all road users.

As stated at the press conference, EKO launched the Safe Rider campaign with the aim of raising awareness about safe road use and the need to abide by traffic regulations, especially among bikers. Unfortunately, there have recently been a large number of serious violations of road safety rules, particularly regarding bikers’ failure to wear proper riding gear. The campaign insists on the obvious - that bikers must wear a helmet. Helmets save lives.

With that as a guiding force, the Safe Rider TV spot which is part of the campaign, focuses on the daily routine of Cyprus' motard champion, rider Kallimahos Kallimahou, who is seen climbing on to his bike in full gear. He wears bike gloves, a helmet, and a bike jacket and pays due attention to traffic signs when driving, particularly traffic lights. Kallimachos enjoys his bike but takes care to drive safely, both for his own sake and for others. “I practised hard and the very first time I took part in competition I won the championship. My whole world changed – and I will never ever go back. You fall in love with your bike,” says Kallimachou before adding: “The bike is my life, that's why I’m careful.” And that’s exactly the message EKO, in cooperation with Cyprus Police, is sending out to all bikers: EKO and Cyprus Police support road safety.