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Fairytale Day with EKO

EKO organized a Fairytale Day for over 180 needy families of the Nicosia district on Sunday December 20, 2015, at Fairytale Town in Nicosia.

In cooperation with community councils and schools at Nicosia district’s villages Hellenic Petroleum Company Cyprus invited the families to a “Fairytale Day with EKO”.

Buses, donated by EKO, transported the families to the venue to have a beautiful day and enjoy the festive spirit of the Fairytale Town. EKO’s team went there first thing in the morning to wrap up presents for both young and old but to also prepare a warm welcome for all.

The moment the guests arrived at the venue, EKO’s elves were photographed with the little ones, teasing them and making them laugh. At the same time, the stilt-walker of EKO entertained the children with balloon objects.

The company’s goal was to offer the joy of Christmas and the magic of games to children who need it the most. Parents and children, from villages of Nicosia, enjoyed the many games at the magic place of Faitytale Town, the food but also the generous gifts, all  donated by EKO.