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AEGEAN and Hellenic Petroleum’s programme for transportation of medical supplies extended to include

AEGEAN and Hellenic Petroleum are collaborating in order to contribute to Greece and Cyprus’s efforts to deal with the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, immediately offering flights to transport medical supplies from producing countries.

Specifically, broadening the co-operation that recently began in Greece in order to cover Cyprus’s needs, AEGEAN will provide the aeroplanes, crew and other variable flight costs while Hellenic Petroleum via EKO Cyprus will cover these flights’ entire fuel cost.

The Republic of Cyprus’s competent authorities will co-ordinate these efforts and the number of flights will be determined according to needs.

Over the upcoming period of time and in the same way, AEGEAN and Hellenic Petroleum via EKO Cyprus will also offer any repatriation flights needed and requested by the Republic of Cyprus for free. These flights will only be conducted if deemed so by the Republic of Cyprus according to participation criteria and reception conditions set on a case-by-case basis. On these flights, there will be an empty seat between passengers and, in order to ensure greater protection, there will be no catering service.

On their part, Hellenic Petroleum and EKO Cyprus will continue to offer their services to both Cypriot airports in Larnaca and Paphos, in order to serve any emergency refuelling necessary during this period of time.