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EKO Cyprus donates 15 ventilators to the Cypriot Ministry of Health

EKO Cyprus, taking into account the critical nature of the times our country is experiencing, proceeded in ordering 15 high-tech portable ventilators in order to strengthen public hospitals’ Intensive Care Units (ICUs) in the battle against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

We actively stand in solidarity with our country’s doctors and nurses and, further to consultation with the relevant Authorities, we will strengthen the units that need it most with modern medical equipment.

EKO Cyprus’s donation is part of the aid offered by the Hellenic Petroleum Group in the context of community service in every country in which it is active. The aid offered by Hellenic Petroleum Group involves equipment, consumables, special services necessary to deal with the crisis, and assistance to medical facilities and vulnerable groups of people. The objective is the strengthening of the medical system’s capabilities in the areas of prevention, diagnosis and treatment, as well as the future course and management of those who will become infected by the virus.

In a statement, Mr Andreas Shiamishis, Chief Executive Officer of Hellenic Petroleum Group, noted the following: “The challenge we are faced with is unprecedented and the degree of success is directly dependent on the mobilisation of all of us, individually and collectively. As Hellenic Petroleum, community service has always been one of our priorities and it is a given that we could not be absent from these efforts. We aim to not only contribute financially but to also make available the necessary human resources in order to quickly and effectively implement the support plan. We stand by doctors and nurses and, on behalf of everyone at Hellenic Petroleum, I would like to publicly express gratitude for their superhuman efforts during these difficult times. At the same time, I would also like to say a big thank you to all HELPE Group employees who, from the very first moment, have contributed directly to our efforts to safeguard and ensure the continuous and seamless provision of motor and heating fuels in all the countries in which we are active.”

EKO Cyprus remains in close contact with the Ministry of Health and states that it is ready to offer further support in the efforts to contain the consequences of this unprecedented situation.