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EKO Cyprus has signed a Memorandum of Agreement / Collaboration Agreement with the European Universi

On Thursday, 8th June, EKO Cyprus and the European University Cyprus signed a Memorandum of Agreement in order to consolidate and develop relations between the 2 parties, to mutually benefit society and the two organizations.

Among other things, the agreement provides the possibility of specific regulations on tuition fees for present and future EKO Cyprus employees, (including employees who work at EKO branded service stations. This action concerns a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate study programs, both remotely and on campus, in the academic fields of finances, business, computer science, engineering, hospitality, marketing etc..  

In this way, EKO Cyprus now offers its employees the opportunity to work and study simultaneously, with the goal for its employees to earn a recognized undergraduate and / or postgraduate degree with the flexibility to attend classes at the European University Cyprus either remotely or in person. 

This initiative’s aim is to increase existing employees’ satisfaction and development skills, as well as to attract and recruit academic-orientated personnel as the ultimate goal is to enhance EKO Cyprus’ overall customer service.

On behalf of EKO Cyprus, Mr George Gregoras, CEO EKO Cyprus, stated that, “The signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between the EKO Cyprus and the European University Cyprus comes at a time when EKO is innovating and playing a lead role in its field. We are giving our people the opportunity to gain work experience and academic knowledge, which will provide them with the stable foundations to build their career on. It has been proven that combining work with studies contributes to better time management, and at the same time, gives an interesting perspective and challenge. Therefore, we are encouraging young people who are looking for work to join our team, so that they can start their career at a company that offers plenty of attractive benefits for a meaningful career with a bright future. Regarding our existing employees, we invited them to find out more information about the Scholarship Program because every degree will surely have the power to develop them to professionals of high caliber.