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Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus: Donation of state-of-the-art drones to the Cyprus Fire Service

Donation has long-term plan that includes the purchasing of technologically advanced equipment and training of Cyprus Fire Service personnel.

Nicosia 28th July 2021 – Having a sense of responsibility for the prevention of destructive fires such as that which recently affected the mountainous area of Limassol, Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus (EKO) donated two state-of-the-art drones for the reinforcement of the Cyprus Fire Service in their prevention and management of similar incidents using technologically advanced equipment. Donation of the equipment took place on Tuesday 27th July at Fire Service Headquarters in Lakatamia, in the presence of Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus Managing Director Mr. George Gregoras and Cyprus Fire Service Assistant Chief Mr Polyvios Papavasiliou.

The donation is in excess of €40,000 and includes both the drones and training of their operators. Upon conclusion of the delivery, certified operators will train members of the Fire Service in order to fully take advantage of their fire detection and firefighting capabilities.

Drones are a necessary tool for every modern fire service as their capabilities for mapping and monitoring at a distance provide real-time necessary information to service personnel on the frontlines. They can thus greatly increase the effectiveness of firefighting operations.

These particular drones leverage the most recent digital technology as they have a number of specific features that make them ideal for firefighting and prevention. Specifically, they can operate at a fire’s location, even in heavy smoke, collecting accurate data and quickly conveying it to firefighters.

The radiometric thermal camera has a night vision setting that can magnify and accurately display the critical data required by the Service in order to mitigate the scope of destruction and protect lives in danger, whether these are the area’s residents or the Service’s frontline personnel. It should be noted that use of the drones is not limited to active fire situations, but is also applicable for patrolling under normal circumstances for the detection of possible outbreaks or dangers.

Regarding the donation, Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus Managing Director Mr. George Gregoras stated, “Our Group is innovative using the power of technology, offering a contemporary solution for fire prevention and firefighting. Active giving for the common good is entirely in line with the values of a Group that believes in a better tomorrow via technology and evolution. We believe it is our duty to assist the heroic efforts made by Fire Service personnel using technological equipment, and the way to do it is by providing cutting-edge tools so that our country never has to face such a disaster again.”

After expressing his thanks for the donation, Cyprus Fire Service Assistant Chief Mr Polyvios Papavasiliou stated, “The Hellenic Petroleum Group’s initiative to gift the two drones is extremely important to the Fire Service, which is delighted to accept the donation. Coming at a critical juncture for our country, the equipment greatly facilitates and upgrades Service personnel’s difficult work on the frontlines. During the recent fire, as well as in previous cases, we borrowed drones from other services. By having our own state-of-the-art equipment, we can have all frontline data at hand and protect the lives of those in danger. Additionally, their use is not limited to rural or forest fires. The drones can also be used in the search for missing persons, to monitor areas and in instances within urban areas, such as the evaluation of areas after natural disasters, including floods, earthquakes or other incidents, as well as evaluating areas after technological or other disasters. Furthermore, their use in evaluating possible outbreaks in industrial areas and tall buildings or other urban fires will be very helpful in the effective conclusion of incidents faced by the Fire Service.”

This latest donation falls within the framework of the Group’s comprehensive social responsibility programme that is implemented in all countries where it operates.