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First Draw for the participants in the CITY’S ART seminars of the ΕΚΟ Safe Rider Club programme

The participants in the first CITY’S ART motorcycle driving training seminar of the ΕΚΟ Safe Rider Club programme, held on the 29 & 30 April, under the aegis of the Cyprus Motorcycles Federation (CYMF), were the lucky winners of the draw that took place at the EKO headquarters, in the presence of the Director of the Traffic Department, Mr. Spyros Spyrou and the CEO of Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus, Mr. George Gregoras.

The prizes of the draw held on Thursday, May 25 included one protective overall with gear won by Mr. Michalis Michail and ten full-face helmets won by: Stefanos Ioannou, Argiris Yiagkoudakis, Anthos Moisseos, Ilias Konstantinou, Christodoulos Issaias, Andreas Apenitos, Ilias Ilia, Neoptolemos Neoptolemou, Yiannis Hadjipakkos and Stavros Argirou.

The next CITY’S ART seminar is scheduled to take place on the 17 June, at the Daytona Raceway. For registration and information: