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Magical Day with EKO

On Sunday 15th December, EKO organised a special day for over 500 children and their families from Nicosia district, at Paramythoupoli in Nicosia. EKO, in collaboration with community councils, village schools in Nicosia district and the Holy Metropolis of Tamasos and Orinis, invited the families to a ‘Magical Day with EKO’, against the backdrop of Paramythoupoli’s festive atmosphere.

EKO chartered buses to transport the families to the area, where they enjoyed carefree moments full of playing and surprises. Both Management and EKO staff volunteers were onsite early to warmly welcome their guests and offer gifts to both young and old.

“EKO Cyprus is an integral part of the community. Over the past few years, we have developed co-operation with a circle of community partners, carrying out activities and initiatives which aim to support people that belong to vulnerable social groups. With these actions, the Company aims to offer the joy of Christmas and the magic of play to children who need it most,” noted Mr George Gregoras, Managing Director of EKO Cyprus.

EKO Cyprus repays the love and preference it has received from the community over the past years by contributing and actively supporting children, parents, the family, the community and people in general.