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ΕΚΟ’s initiative “Fill Up with Hope” for children in need

EKO’s action on the occasion of the International Children’s Day was warmly received by the public

Nicosia, 15th May - The public’s response to EKO Cyprus’ call to contribute to the “Elpida” (Hope) Foundation was truly remarkable. On the occasion of the International Children's Day, which was celebrated on 1st June, EKO organized at all its service stations a week-long campaign, entitled “Fill Up with Hope,” whose aim was to support the fight against childhood cancer.

During the week that started on 30th May and ended on 5th June, customers refueled their vehicles from EKO Cyprus’ service stations, contributing thus to the "Elpida" Foundation.

The funds raised as a result of this action amounted to €5,500, an amount that was then doubled by EKO Cyprus, making the total donation €11,000. The money was donated to the "Elpida" Foundation to support their hostel for parents whose children are receiving treatment.

EKO Cyprus’ CEO, Mr. George Gregoras, said in a statement: "We warmly thank the public that responded once again to our call. For the past 7 years, our customers have embraced our effort to strengthen the work of the "Elpida" Foundation. We, at EKO Cyprus, consider giving back to society an integral part of our activities, and this action constitutes one of the key initiatives of our corporate responsibility programme.”

For the past 32 years, the “Elpida” Foundation has covered most aspects related to the care of children suffering from cancer. The Foundation's contribution to Cypriot society includes the training of doctors, nurses and scientists; the public awareness about the issue; the running of a hostel next to the Paediatric Clinic; the purchase of equipment; the construction and operation of bone marrow transplant laboratories and leukemia laboratories; the financial support for families; a therapeutic entertainment programme; and the psychosocial support for children and their families.

The EKO family wholeheartedly thanks the public for their warm response!

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