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The lucky winners of the 2nd City’s A.R.T. Training Seminar of the EKO ‘EKO Safe Rider Club’ program

On 14th and 15th September, in the context of EKO Cyprus’s perennial initiatives to reduce traffic accidents, the 2nd City’s A.R.T. motorcyclist training seminar of the ‘EKO Safe Rider Club’ for 2019 took place. City’s A.R.T. is held under the auspices of the Cyprus Motorcycles Federation and focuses on rider awareness regarding correct and safe driving.

Upon completion of the seminars, a draw took place and the lucky winners were presented with a complete safety suit and ten full-face helmets. Mr. Adonis Christofides, Chairman of the Cyprus Motorcycles Federation, and Ms Marina Tziakouri, Marketing Co-ordinator of EKO Cyprus, were presented at the event.

We at EKO believe that the correct driving behaviour can contribute to a reduction in road accidents. To this end, we offer members of the ‘EKO Safe Rider Club’ the City’s A.R.T. training seminar which is the only programme with real statistical evidence in the reduction of accidents. To date, over 20 training seminars have been held and a total of over 500 motorcyclists have been trained.

The next CITY’s Α.R.T. training seminar is scheduled for the 26th & 27th October. For more information, those interested can call 22477000 or visit http://www.eko.com.cy