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The Scouts celebrated World Thinking Day with the support EKO

As strong supporter of scouting for the benefit of educating and character-building of young people, ΕΚΟ was on the side of the Cyprus Scouts Association at the event organised on the 24th of February to celebrate World Thinking Day.

Each year, the Scouts celebrate the World Thinking Date on the 22nd of February, the birthday of the founder of Scouting, Archbishop Robert Baden Powell (BP) and coincidentally of his wife, Olave Baden Powell. This day is dedicated to the vision for a better world, wold friendship, peace and brotherhood of the peoples of earth.

This year’s celebration took place at the Old Port of Limassol with the support of EKO and it was framed by a two-hour live link from Radio Proto and games with the cub scouts as protagonists. One of the games was the Road Challenges of ΕΚΟ, a virtual reality game for pedestrians, cyclists, car drivers and motorcyclists, that is not only entertaining but also teaches road safety rules.

CEO of Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus, Mr. George Gregoras and the Chief Commissioner of the Cyprus Scouts Association, Mr. Marios Christou attended the event.

The Cyprus Scouts Association published a press release thanking EKO for the support given to the Scouts over time and stressing the importance of this support.