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With a primary focus on children, EKO Cyprus is giving away, for a second consecutive year a “Warm E

With a loving embrace full of respect for people and especially children, EKO Cyprus is giving away, for a second consecutive year a “warm embrace” to 13 charity foundations including the Makarios Hospital.

On Thursday 30th November 2023, EKO Cyprus had a Press Conference at the MAP Boutique Hotel, in Nicosia, in the context of the group’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

The purpose was the official announcement of the fact that the Company would donate 250,000 litres of heating fuel to the communities of Foini, Agros, Evrichou, Kalopanagiotis, Kapedes, Kyperounta, Palaichori, Pano Kyvides, Pano Lefkara, Pelendri, Salamiou and Temvria, of which there are nurseries, kindergardens, youth centres, homes for the elderly and disabled, social care centres, as well as Makarios Hospital, which is the only hospital in Cyprus which specialises in Pediatrics.

Furthermore, wishing to further strengthen the efforts of the Radiomarathonios, the Company included in this year’s donation the day care centre for disabled adults, the Community Complex Apartment Morphou in Peristerona.

Through this particular initiative and in cooperation with their stakeholders, EKO Cyprus has already started to provide free heating fuel and will cover the heating needs for all of the winter season. The activation includes the communities of the National Strategic Development of Mountain Communities Troodos (ESAOK), as well as other communities that are situated at an altitude of more than 600 metres and have charity foundations and institutions.

It is worth noting that attendees of the Press Conference included the Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, the Representative of the Ministry of Health, the Director of Makarios Hospital, leaders of the respective communities, presidents of the charity foundations and institutions and media representatives.

This important initiative was announced by the CEO of EKO Cyprus Mr. George Gregoras, who, after thanking all of those who helped in the implementation of this activation, mentioned specifically that “This warm embrace comes to conclude this year’s activation programme of EKO Cyprus’ CSR in the context of which initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life, especially for children who need all our help. I would like to remind you that during the year, our Company stood by the side of children with cancer and leukemia (of the Elpida Foundation), of children with health problems (of the Radiomarathonios Foundation) and now shortly before 2023 comes to an end, it is supporting 13 charity foundations and the Makarios Hospital, making sure that the stay of our fellow citizens is as warm as possible. Therefore, nothing is accidental, since love and giving to fellow citizens are part of the timeless values of EKO Cyprus…” 

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