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ΕΚΟ Safe Rider Club

What’s the ΕΚΟ Safe Rider Club?
The ΕΚΟ Safe Rider Club is a motorcyclist's club offering unique privileges to its members, with the ultimate goal of road safety.

How does it work?
Its members enjoy particularly low prices, useful gifts and special knowledge on safety, in order to ensure that they drive with proper safety gear and have proper driving behavior.

Membership card:
Fill in the special form that can be found in all EKO service stations and get your FREE EKO Safe Rider Club Membership Card! The ΕΚΟ Safe Rider Club now offers its members the opportunity to participate in the City's A.R.T. training seminars. City's A.R.T. is a new training programme for motorcyclists, promoted in Greece and Cyprus by the Greek branch of California Superbike School. These seminars are part of EKO’s continuous effort to raise road safety awareness, organised under the auspices of Cyprus Motorcycles Federation (CYMF), the Motorcycles Club of Nicosia.

The objective of the programme is to pinpoint and to correct with immediate effect common driving errors that motorcyclists do as they drive around the city. Within the safe and friendly environment of the Daytona raceway, participants in the City's A.R.T. will have the opportunity to significantly improve their technique, in a very short period through continuous repetition, proper supervision and corrections by the certified trainers of the City's A.R.T. And most importantly, training is at city speed as in their daily routine.

The two City’s A.R.T training seminars will take place on September the 25th & 26th at the Daytona Raceway.

All participants in the City’s A.R.T. seminars will enter the draw to win helmets and motorcycle overalls with all accessories!
  • Motorcyclists holding motorcycle license issued this year may participate for free.
  • Minors (with guardian’s written consent) may participate for free.
  • Motorcyclists holding motorcycle license for over a year shall pay the special price of €20.
  • Adults without motorcycle license shall pay the special price of €20.
All participants must wear protective gear throughout the whole duration of the seminar, including helmet with ΕCΕ.2205 specifications, jacket, gloves, motorcycle pants or jeans and boots (or ankle high sports boots).

For more information and to register, please call 22-477000 or send "EKO SAFE RIDER" on our Facebook page by clicking here.