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  • Autogas is a mixture of butane and propane at an indicative ratio of 80%-20%.
    If the mixture sold by a gas station contains more propane, the Autogas is more pressurised and weighs less per litre and, aside from some ‘relative’ improvement in vehicle performance, this results in faster combustion and more mileage per full tank.
    Today, use of gas in vehicles (private and professional) is completely safe, provided that the parts used meet existing European Standards and the conversion has been carried out by an authorised and certified garage. Accordingly, vehicle maintenance must be carried out at authorised and certified garages, depending on the vehicle manufacturer.

The most important advantages of Autogas over petrol and diesel are the significantly lower cost of fuel and the significantly lower levels of pollutant emissions.
  • Autogas is the ideal alternative solution to petrol and diesel as it combines environmental and financial advantages.
  • It (primarily) does not contain benzene or aromatic hydrocarbon polymers, and has minimal sulphur.
  • It protects vehicles’ engines better, mainly due to the absence of methanol and ethanol.
  • It is far more economical as it costs much less to fill the tank for the same mileage.

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