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HELLENiQ ENERGY the new name of the HELPE Group

• On the 2nd of November 2022, in Nicosia, the new corporate identity of the historical Group HELPE was announced.
• ‘’Cyprus is currently on the verge of transitioning from an oil-based energy economy to a more mixed economy based on the energy sources of the next generation’’, mentioned Mr. Andreas Shiamishi, the Managing Director of ‘’HELLENiQ ENERGY’’ Group.
• EKO Cyprus, a member of the HELLENiQ ENERGY Group, and with 20 years of leadership in the domestic market, is already planning significant projects and initiatives in the RES (Renewable Energy Systems) sector.
Turning into a new page with a new name and a radical image rejuvenation for Hellenic Petroleum, the Group’s Management Team officially presented to the public of Cyprus the new corporate identity of the Company which is a part of the overall rebranding of the Group. This initiative also seals the rapid implementation of the strategic plan named ‘’Vision 2025’’. The goal is to transition into a new era of better dynamic sustainable development, with the implementation of important transformation and modernization projects of the refineries, with the rapid development of Renewable Sources and of ‘’Green Energy’’, as well as with new market and product entries. The name ‘’HELLENiQ ENERGY’’ refers to the Group’s heritage, but also signifies its will to move into the future of ‘’smart’’ energy, alternative sources, and the low emissions economy. The presentation of the Group’s new identity was introduced by Mr. Andreas Shiamishis, the Managing Director of ‘’HELLENiQ ENERGY’’ on November 2nd at a hotel in Nicosia which held the special event. The event was attended by representatives of local businesses, the media, and a large group of guests.
The new logo
At the center of the Group’s new logo remains the star, as a guide to the new era and as a symbol of its leading presence in the energy transition. The horizontal blue and white lines inspired by the Greek national flag have now a ripple that adds dynamism and highlights change. The name refers to the Group’s Greek background and heritage, whereas the ending indicated the provision of ‘’smart’’ energy solutions. The word ENERGY represents the evolution into an organization that will be active in the entire spectrum of energy aiming to create a more neutral carbon balance while prioritizing the strategy of sustainable development.
‘’We are creating a sustainable future for all’’, A. Shiamishis said
During his speech at the event the Cypriot Managing Director of the ‘’HELLENiQ ENERGY’’ Group, Mr. Andreas Shiamishis unveiled the Group’s new identity stating, ‘’We are planning and implementing a cleaner and more sustainable future for everyone by contributing to the green development and energy transition. Thus, while the energy market changes, so do we. The ‘HELLENiQ ENERGY’ Group seeks to continue its very good course and to be a paradigm of a company in Greece, Cyprus but also in the wider region of Southeast Europe, by being a key pillar of supply security, especially during the period we are going through. We are placing Cyprus at the center of our interest for substantial investments in the long and challenging journey toward the new energy reality. The country is currently on the verge of transitioning from an oil-based energy economy to a more mixed economy based on the energy sources of the next generation. This energy transformation combined with Cyprus’ propitious natural environment for development, is perfectly in line with the broader business strategy of the ‘HELLENiQ ENERGY’ Group’’.
‘’We are welcoming ‘HELLENiQ ENERGY’ Group’’, N. Pileidou said
In her welcoming speech at the event, the Minister of Energy, Commerce, and Industry, Mrs. Natasa Pileidou spoke about the Group’s contribution to the development of the energy sector. As she stated, ‘’Undoubtedly your new corporate identity signifies a new era for the Group in which, I believe, you are officially declaring your presence in our collective efforts to transition to a green economy. As the largest energy group in Southeast Europe, ‘HELLENiQ ENERGY’ is today a key pillar in the energy activities of our country. By utilizing innovative methods and modern technology, the Group is upgrading and adapting its activities aiming to provide new-generation fuels that contain a reduced carbon footprint. At the same time, we welcome the important investments that the organization is implementing today, such as the installation of photovoltaic systems, and we support the efforts of modernizing the network of its gas stations, by always maintaining the highest standards and respecting the local communities’’.
Cyprus Investments
Through EKO Cyprus, ‘‘HELLENiQ ENERGY’’ begins the realization of the project Vision 2025 on the island. The local company ensures a greener future for Cyprus with innovative new projects and investments. In particular, the company has moved forward with the installation of an array of photovoltaic systems that are also combined with a battery storage structure. This installation aims to make its facilities in the Vasiliko area energy autonomous by 80%. It is the largest photovoltaic installation in Cyprus and by combining the energy storage structure, it becomes the first autonomous unit in Europe. Simultaneously, EKO Cyprus is proceeding with the installation of electric vehicle chargers and photovoltaics at its gas stations to encourage the transition to cleaner and environmentally friendlier forms of energy.
‘’An important milestone in the company’s journey’’ G. Gregoras said
At his speech during the event, the Managing Director of EKO Cyprus Mr. George Gregoras stated, ‘’Today signifies an important milestone in our company’s journey in Cyprus. We are proud of all that we have accomplished and achieved, and we are looking forward to the moment that brings cleaner energy for all. We are entering the RES market with a series of careful investments. We have made our facility in Vasiliko energy autonomous while constantly adding to our gas stations, innovations that show the direction that the Group is moving forward. Our goal is to benefit every consumer with every action we take. We are progressing with the right strategies, the will, the passion, the determination, and, above all, the strength of the Group’s employees who share our vision, pursue it every day in practice, and whom I sincerely thank for their contribution’’.