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DIESEL Avio Doubled Filtered by EKO!

The launching of the new product DIESEL Avio by Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus (EKO) took place with great success on July 6th at the departure gate of Cyprus International Airport Glafkos Clerides. Right after the presentation of the new product a flight took place above Cyprus with media representatives and quests. Mr Robertos Karachannas, General Manager of Domestic & International Retail of the Group and Mr George Gregoras, CEO of Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus addressed the event. Mr Kostas Mademlis, International Retail Director of the Group attended the event as well.

Mr Andreas Stratis, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager of Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus during his presentation stated that the new DIESEL Avio is launched for the first time in Cyprus and uses the aircraft filter technology to the fuel! The filter which is installed in DIESEL Avio fuel pumps ensures the purity of the fuel at the purity level of aircraft fuel. Using that special filter in combination with a new generation additives Diesel Avio offers improved engine performance, smother operation and grater acceleration.  
The launching of Diesel Avio was introduced with the Facebook - app competition «sepaeipantou.gr» in which participants who refuel with €25 or more with Diesel Avio participate in a draw where they are entitled to win the NEW Volkswagen Tiguan with 20 hp Diesel engine and equipment worth €29,300.

The new Diesel Avio by EKO is available in selected EKO service stations.