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EKO Cyprus draws first HYUNDAI TUCSON

Ms Tasoula Nicolaou is the first winner of EKO’s big competition, winning a HYUNDAI TUCSON 1.6MPi PETROL 132PS STYLE PLUS MANUAL, worth €20,900.

The competition began on 09/03/2020 and anyone who had installed the ‘EKO Smile’ app on their mobile device was eligible to participate.

The draw took place on Wednesday 27th May at the Regus hall which was specially modified for the occasion. EKO Cyprus Managing Director Mr George Gregoras, Deputy Minister of Research and Innovation Mr Kyriacos Kokkinos and Legal Advisor Mr Kyriacos Theodorides of George Y. Yiangou & Co. Law were present in order to ensure the correctness, transparency and integrity of the procedure.

The winner was declared following an electronic draw by the Random Org online platform, which is widely known for conducting electronic draws whereby random numbers are generated within a specified range, thus ensuring that there is no human interference in the result.

The car will be presented to the grand winner at an event at Limassol Marina, on Friday 5th June at 4pm.

Of course, draws will follow for two more HYUNDAI TUCSON 1.6MPi PETROL 132PS STYLE PLUS MANUAL, with a retail price of €20,900. To be able to participate, download the ‘EKO Smile’ app on your mobile device now!

Amongst others, the ‘EKO Smile’ app enables contactless pump release and payment while users remain in their vehicle. Every time users refuel their vehicle or purchase other services or products from the petrol station’s shop, they are rewarded with ‘Smiles’, digital points that they can exchange for catalogue products ate specially-reduced prices.

The ‘EKO Smile’ app is available for free download on Google Play and the App store.