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EKO Cyprus proudly presents the 3rd Ford Puma to a lucky EKO Smile user!

EKO Cyprus presents yet another lucky winner with a Ford Puma worth €24,500; the third of the four Ford Puma cars in the competition series “A Puma lurks at EKO…a Ford Puma” was awarded to Mr Loizos Christofi from Nicosia.

During the happy event, the CEO of EKO Cyprus, Mr. George Grigoras, congratulated Mr Christofi, and warmly thanked all EKO Smile App users for their faith and support in using the application, ranking it among the most popular apps in Cyprus.

The announcement for the winner took place on 21/03/2022 at the EKO gas station in Polis Chrysochous in Paphos, in the presence of Mayor Yiotis Papachristofi who drew the lucky winner, as well as an independent legal advisor from the law firm George Giagkou to ensure transparency in the prize draw process. During the event, all necessary safety measures for COVID-19 were met.

Such initiatives are a testament to EKO Cyprus and the company’s continuous efforts to reward its audience, by offering easy and simple ways to win big prizes through the award-winning EKO Smile App. At the same time, its large number of users enjoy new services and innovative digital functions through the app on a daily basis, such as contactless activation of the pump at any EKO gas station from their mobile phone, the search for the nearest gas station and much more. It goes without saying, that all EKO Smile App users also have access to special discounts and exclusive prices on branded products of their choice.

With the three Ford Puma vehicles already with their new owners, the anticipation for who will become the fourth and final lucky winner of the last vehicle worth €24,500, continues to grow.


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