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ΕΚΟ Safe Rider Club Privileges and knowledge for motorcycle lovers

Through the EKO Safe Rider Club, Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus (ΕΚΟ) continues to support in practice actions and programs aiming to raise road safety awareness. Riders’ love for motorcycles is taken for granted as riding is a lifestyle, it offers a sense of freedom and it is the fastest way to get around in the city. But what about road safety and behavior?

The ΕΚΟ Safe Rider Club offers unique privileges to its members with the ultimate goal of road safety. Every motorcyclist can easily become member of the ΕΚΟ Safe Rider Club by completing the special form available at all EKO service stations and receive the membership card for FREE. Members receive special discounts, useful gifts and specialized knowledge on safety, the ideal gear and the proper driving behavior.

As part of the EKO Safe Rider Club program and with an aim to raise motorcyclists’ awareness of proper and safe driving and of respecting the Highway Code, EKO presents again this year the City’s A.R.T. training seminars held under the auspices of the Cyprus Motorcycles Federation (CYMF), with the support of the Cyprus Police. City’s A.R.T. is a motorcyclists’ training program promoted in Greece and Cyprus by the Greek branch of the California Superbike School.

City’s A.R.T. training seminars are addressed to all motorcyclists and aim to pinpoint and to correct with immediate effect common driving errors of motorcyclists. During the program, basic motorcycle driving principles are presented through a simple methodology that the California Superbike School teaches successfully throughout the world, during the last 35 years. With the proper supervision and corrections by the certified trainers of the City's A.R.T., motorcyclists will adopt the right road behavior in order to ride safely.

City’s A.R.T. training seminars 2018 will take place March 24 (morning and afternoon), May 12 & 13 and October 20 & 21.

Become a member of the EKO Safe Rider Club, enjoy discounts and gifts and follow the City’s A.R.T. training seminars.