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ΕΚΟ Smile app sweeps the board at this year’s Cyprus Mobile Excellence Awards

EKO Cyprus and its innovative EKO Smile app led the way at the Cyprus Mobile Excellence Awards 2020, receiving a total of seven important awards.

The competition aimed to showcase the most innovative services in the Cypriot market’s digital transformation and mobile telephony sectors, and was conducted by Dias Boussias Communications under the auspices of the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy and the Cyprus Computer Society. The evaluation committee was comprised of leading industry figures while, due to the prevailing circumstances, the award ceremony was held electronically thus ensuring that all necessary safety precautions were adhered to.

In a field comprised of noteworthy, innovative apps by dozens of companies active in the Cypriot market, the EKO Smile app stood out in the following categories:
  • Mobile Apps with a primary aim of completing commercial or other transactions,
  • Use of mobile app for Customer Loyalty Customer Engagement and/or Personalized Services,
  • Mobile Sales / CRM,
  • Business Process Re-engineering through Mobile, for the pump release functionality and payment
  • Mobile Advertising & Marketing, for the strategic integrated Marketing and Communication plan
  • Digital Innovation through Mobile, for the pump release functionality and
  • Design / Aesthetic for the easy navigation, minimalist design, and the correct navigation on the Android and iOS platforms
Overall, it won five Silver and two Bronze Cyprus Mobile Excellence Awards.

The EKO Smile app’s design and innovation are pioneering for the Cypriot market. The app introduced contactless pump activation and contactless payments, changing the time-honoured transaction method at EKO petrol stations, assisting consumers and offering greater security and comfort during service.

Through this app, EKO Cyprus can offer its customers a unique experience consistent with its most recent technological innovations and best practices where rewards, refuelling, ordering and e-wallet payments are concerned. “We are pleased to be honoured by the Cyprus Mobile Excellence Awards for EKO Smile, our smart app whose objective is consumers’ more immediate, faster and more pleasant purchasing experience via EKO petrol stations,” stated Mr. George Gregoras, Managing Director of Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus, adding:

“We would like to congratulate all the nominees for their innovative apps and thank the committee for our seven distinctions. We remain steadfast in our vision and will continue to innovate, with the ultimate aim of making the consumer’s daily life increasingly easier. We thank you.”

The Cyprus Mobile Excellence Awards competition rewards innovation and entrepreneurship in the rapidly growing digital transformation and mobile telephony fields in the Cypriot market, converting innovative practices into ones that become necessary and essential to each user. The awards aim to recognise good practices by companies active in sectors such as sectoral mobile applications, corporate restructuring and mobile communication, design and mobile app development, as well as the implementation of best practices by mobile communications companies.

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