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Educational Interactive Game for Road Safety in cooperation with EKO and Cyprus Police.

The new initiative by EKO, jointly developed with Cyprus Police, interactively applies the road safety code in a virtual reality game called Road Challenges that was launched at the Road Safety Park in Nicosia on 
November 24, at 12pm, in the presence of Cyprus Police officials and mass
media representatives.

It is a game that can be played on tablets and mobile phones, and under the
right conditions it could be applied at the Road Safety Park as an educational tool on road behavior.

Road Challenges seeks to make the younger generation conscious of the need
to drive safely on the roads of Cyprus. The target group is eight to 17-year-olds and the aim is to teach them how to use the roads safely and 
responsibly through modern means.

The game, which can be played by youngsters and others, offers an
opportunity to develop and/or improve knowledge of the Highway Code, in an interactive environment, where the player must abide by specific 
instructions of the Highway Code and to take into account all factors that
can affect his/her actions – whether a driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist or motorbike rider.

There will be many Road Challenges winners every month. Depending on the
points collected by players EKO will award them with prizes like Virtual Reality head sets, bicycles, tablets and a lot more.

When presenting the virtual reality Road Challenges game, EKO Cyprus CEO
George Gregoras said EKO believes that when you can learn from the game and having fun creates a road safety conscience then the desired outcome of conscientious drivers is achieved. It is our duty, he added, to create a safe road environment in Cyprus.

And, undoubtedly, the cooperation of the Cyprus Police is crucial when
undertaking such a challenge.