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In the colors of “Hope”, EKO Cyprus organizes a support campaign to help children with cancer and le

If you give a child some colors and a blank canvas, you can be sure that they will start to draw beautiful pictures of hope in bright and vibrant colors. With the slogan “We put color into Hope”, and in light of World Children’s Day, EKO Cyprus is organizing, for the 8th consecutive year, the already established support campaign for children who are supported by the “Elpida”(Hope) Foundation.  

From the 29 May until the 4 June 2023, every time a customer refuels their vehicle at any EKO Cyprus service station, the company and its service station owners will donate a part of the proceeds to the “Elpida” Foundation. 

On behalf of EKO Cyprus, Mr George Gregoras, CEO EKO Cyprus, stated, “Whether one is a parent or not, there is no way that people will not feel sadden to know that there are children who have been diagnosed or who are fighting with cancer and leukemia. Unfortunately, in many countries in the world, there is not the necessary medical equipment or specialists in the medical field, or medicines to tackle these diseases. In Cyprus, although there is quite a high level of medical care in this area, we are especially grateful and happy for the fact that the “Elpida” Foundation makes every effort to help and support children to come out victorious through this difficult ordeal. This is why, we as EKO Cyprus, are here, for the 8th consecutive year, to support our little life heroes, by adding color to “Hope” (Elpida)! Therefore, with this opportunity, I urge our customers to embrace our support campaign this year as well, which we are organizing as part of CSR activations”.

Fundraising Mechanism:
1. For every motor fuel purchase from the service stations that are participating in the campaign, the station owner will return €0.001 / per liter of fuel to the company.
2. At the end of the campaign, the amount collected from all the service stations, will be doubled by company, EKO Cyprus and the total will be donated to the Elpida Foundation.

Participating EKO Stations: