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EKO Cyprus donated 5 wheelchairs to the Red Cross

On Thursday, February 9th, EKO Cyprus donated 5 wheelchairs to the Red Cross (Limassol Branch) for the needs of the program Patient Support and Disabled Persons. 

Specifically, 2 upgraded wheelchairs that are equipped with the possibility of elevating the legs and 3 contractual wheelchairs were donated, in order to be able to cover a multitude of incidents that may be needed by the organization.

Mr. Pavlos Stephanides, EKO Cyprus Senior Sales and Marketing Manager, pointed out in his statement, "Our goal is to contribute practically to the improvement of the everyday life of our fellow citizens who face temporary or long-term mobility problems, defending the fundamental right of free and equal movement in society".

EKO Cyprus not only supports the Red Cross program but continues consistently its efforts for 100% accessibility in its network of service stations. At the same time, the EKO Smile APP offers the people with mobility problems, the possibility to carry out contactless transactions at the service station without having to get out of their vehicle.