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EKO Cyprus donates 150 tablets to students of 16 different schools.

EKO Cyprus has donated 150 high-tech tablets, in order for the students of 16 different schools at Nicosia and Larnaca Districts to be able to regularly attend their e-classes. The students were chosen on the basis of income criteria, in coordination with the respective Parents’ Groups, the schools’ Administrations and the Holy Diocese of Tamasos and Orini.

The Managing Director of EKO Cyprus, Mr. George Gregoras, emphasized: “During this unprecedently tough reality that we are going through because of the pandemic, EKO Cyprus is actively supporting the students, be offering them 150 cutting-edge technology tablets, so that no student is deprived of education. We hope that this move of ours amid the festive season will draw a smile on the face of kids who really need it.”

The new donation of EKO Cyprus is part of HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group’s extensive corporate social responsibility action plan that aims at tackling the effects of the pandemic in every country where it operates. To date, the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group has offered -in collaboration with Aegean- free flights for the transportation of specialized medical equipment to Cyprus, while it has also donated 15 portable respirators to the country’s competent Authorities.

EKO Cyprus has emphasized from the very beginning that it is ready to offer further support and assist the country’s Authorities to halt the pandemic and to effectively deal with the consequences of this unprecedented situation.