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Fairy tale day with EKO

A special day was organised by EKO for more than 500 children from the District of Nicosia and their families, on Sunday, the 10th of December at the Paramythoupoli of Nicosia. Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus, in cooperation with community councils, schools of the rural areas of the District of Nicosia and the Holy Bishopric of Tamassos and Orinis, invited the families to a “Fairy tale with EKO”, within the festive atmosphere of the Paramythoupoli, where they enjoyed wonderful moments full of play and surprises. The families were transferred by buses sponsored by EKO.

The CEO of Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus, George Gregoras, and volunteers, employees of EKO were in the place reserving the warmest reception and gifts for the young and the old. The Company’s objective was to offer the joy of Christmas and the magic of play to the children who need it more.

Returning to the society the love and trust it receives all these years, Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus continuously supports and offers to the children, the parents, the family, the society and the human being in general.