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EKO’s week of giving “put color into Hope (Elpida)” for children in need.

Nicosia, 30 August – EKO Cyprus’ call for contribution for the “Elpida” Foundation was met by the public with a great and substantial response. 

In light of World Children’s Day, on 1 June, EKO through all of its service stations, organized a week of donations and support in the fight against childhood cancers, with the support campaign “We put colour into Hope”. 

During the support week, which was from 29 May – 4 June, customers refuelling their vehicles at EKO service stations contributed to the strengthening of the hostel for parents of children who are in treatment.

Mr George Gregoras, CEO EKO Cyprus, stated, “we thank the public from the bottom of our hearts for responding to our call yet again this year. For the last 8 years, our customers have embraced our efforts to enhance the work of the “Elpida” Foundation. At EKO Cyprus, our social responsibility is an important part of our company’s culture and it is highlighted in all aspects of our strategy through an integrated program that’s aimed at local communities and to the wider society of Cyprus as a whole”.

For the last 33 years, the “Elpida” Foundation has covered most of the areas of therapy and care for the children. Donations from the Cypriot public go towards training doctors, nurses and researchers, the public’s awareness of the issues, the continuous operations of the hostel that’s next to the Pediatric Oncology Clinic, purchasing of equipment, the construction and operation of bone marrow transplant laboratories and leukemia laboratories, financial support for families, the therapeutic recreation program and the psychosocial support of children and their families.

The EKO Cyprus family thanks the public for their warm and valuable response!

About EKO Cyprus Ltd 
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