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Fuel tanks

If you need to carry fuel in a container, then you should be aware that, for your safety, we only fill up approved metal or plastic containers which meet specifications for the transport of flammable materials and limit the danger of static electricity. We never fill up standard plastic containers, water bottles and cans that cannot be sealed.

If you do not have a suitable container to carry fuel:

  • We recommend that you purchase a suitable container from the station’s shop
  • If you wish to avoid purchasing a suitable fuel container, ask if you can borrow one from the station.

Safe transport of the container:

  • The fuel container is transported in an upright position and safely supported inside the vehicle so that it does not roll over. At the time of the transport of the container, be sure that air is refreshed (open the car window) and drive slowly.
  • It is not recommended to transfer containers with fuel in the car boot because the air is limited and the risk of an explosion is there
  • If the container is carried on foot, be sure to minimise shaking of the container to the minimum possible