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With fuel (Petrol / Diesel)

You are welcome and ALWAYS SAFE with us!

Driving in the service station, the person on duty will guide you so as to park the car at the best spot depending on the purpose of your visit. 

For refueling, the person on duty will guide you so as to park in the same island next to the fuel you prefer and - if the service station is too busy at the time - to the runway with the fewest waiting vehicles. Refueling is always carried out from the pump which is located on the same side with the inlet tank of the vehicle.

Before refueling begins:

For your safety, the person providing service will ask that:

  • You switch off the car engine
  • You turn off the mobile phone
  • You do not to smoke
  • You choose whether you are staying inside the car or stepping out

If you drive a two-wheel vehicle, the person providing service will ask you to get off the motorcycle.


       *So that you do not inhale fuel vapor

       *So that you avoid contact with the fuel in case of leakage     

       * So that you are not at risk in case of a fire after fuel comes in contact with hot parts of the motorcycle

After the refueling:


Make sure the refueling is finished, that the hose has been removed and the tank cap is closed before switching on the engine of your car